About Us

Who We Are?

The start was back in 1936 in Sharjah, UAE when we established Zainal Abdul Rehman and Sons Trading Company, even though the start was humble; still, we were able to lay the right foundations necessary for future expansions. When the right time came, the company invested in soap powder production, detergents, paper tissue converting and disposable items (plastic spoons, drinking straws and Aluminium foil) Our production activities were expanded to meet the regions increasing demands for those products and to diversify our activities in several sectors in addition to our active contributions in the Gulf’s economy with special emphasis on UAE economy.

It wasn’t a coincidence when we became among the most competitive factories operating in the UAE. Our restless efforts in producing high products and services coupled with our philosophy in utilizing the most advanced technologies, paved the road for us to be among the leading factories in the area despite the acute competition.

The success levels we reached would have not been attainable without the efforts of the qualified, distinguished and highly motivated staff who are guided by enthusiastic managers & engineers.

TESCO Industries invest in the following sectors and have significant presence in the local, GCC and North African Markets.

  • Zainal Abdul Rehman & Sons Co. (General Trading)
  • TESCO Industries LLC for paper products
  • TESCO Industries LLC for plastic products
  • Shining Star Detergent Factory
  • Abdul Rehman & Hussein Zainal General Trading Dubai

The support and the continuous encouragement we always had from our dear customers were the main motives behind our success. Therefore, we promise all our existing and potential customers to maintain the superior quality of our products and services.